Condominium, Homeowners, & Cooperative Associations

Strauss & Associates, P.A. has an expertise in the area of Common Interest Realty Associations (CIRA). We currently work with over 1,400 Associations in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia. In addition to working directly with the Common Interest Realty Association, we work with more than 50 property management companies.

We have been working with Common Interest Realty Associations for more than 20 years. Our services include preparation of audited, reviewed, or compiled financial statements. We will also prepare the Federal and State income tax returns and the personal property return of the Association. Also, we can help you with the budgeting process or other financial needs of the Association.

Working with Common Interest Realty Associations requires a special knowledge. Whether you have a question regarding reserves or tax issues, our years of service will allow us to provide you with all relevant information.

We are members of the Chesapeake Region Chapter of Community Association's Institute, and currently have a 2 members of our team who served on the Board of Directors as Treasurer.